In my free time, I enjoy traveling, hiking, biking and rock climbing! I also play guitar, listen to music, or play video games..


As a rising senior Game Programming major at DePaul University, I am grateful to say that, thanks to my coursework, I have come to find I am passionate about all aspects of game development.

In 2017, I enrolled in a short summer academy held by DePaul for film, animation, and game development. Though I was only a high school student then, I thoroughly enjoyed working with a team of other people to create something we were proud of. I noticed my natural shift to lead the group in terms of design, as well as my desire to better understand code, and ended up at DePaul as a Game Programming major two years later in 2019.

Since enrolling, I've received praise from all my professors regarding programming, my unique approach to game design, storyboarding, 3D modeling, illustration, business, sound design, and fine art. This, along with my own motivations with game development, has led me to realize I desire a unique and exciting experience as a developer.