Personal Project

DemonHacks Hackathon Entry Explanation Video (2020)

What I've Been Up To:

Programming | Game Design | Artist | Business

I am presently preparing to work GDC (2022) as a Conference Associate!

In October 2020, I worked alongside 3 peers to challenge ourselves, developing an app -- something none of us had ever done before -- for the 2020 DemonHacks Hackathon. After a weekend of hard work, we created Face the Art.

   Beyond coursework related projects, I've been actively working on a game with a couple of peers, in which I wrote the story for in 2019.

   My roles for the game's development include full conception of the game's design, including the visual and narrative based directions, directing the team programmer and the team artist in order to maintain a cohesive design, and managing our workload and goals, including helping complete any programming or artwork when needed.

   The game is still in early development, but we expect to see more progress with it during the summer of 2022.